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Building This Site Pt. 3

Well, it has been a productive few days. I added this project to GitHub finally, and have made 23 commits since doing so. I ended up completely finishing the entire basic HTML layout of my site, all pages are working, and you can navigate freely at this point. Today, I mainly set up all my basic files for my SASS workflow and started working on the base styles for my site.

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Building This Site Pt. 2

This is a continuation of my blog detailing how I’m learning to use Hugo. See my first steps in part one. Today, I went through and removed the Bootstrap v4 Blog theme and reverted back to trying to build my own. I got my Head and my Site Header into separate partials, I got my footer into one as well. Had to do some work figuring out how to access different variables in these partials, but I got help with debuggins through a post on Medium, titled Tips and tricks for building a theme in Hugo.

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Building This Site

So, below I will make notes about the process I used to create this website. I created a brand new Hugo site. I also created a brand new theme which I plan to use to customize this later. So far so good. I created two posts. One is a generic “Hello World” style post, and then this post, which I plan on using for note taking. This one will be much longer and also help test the use of longer pages.

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Starting to Build a Blog

I decided a couple of different things recently. I needed a new website to better reflect “me”. I also decided to start some kind of blog to document my learning process as I continue this journey. I decided that I would try to build a new site using Hugo. This post is largely designed as a test while I am setting up the site. In another post, I will detail my process as best as I can.

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