Building This Site

So, below I will make notes about the process I used to create this website.

  1. I created a brand new Hugo site. I also created a brand new theme which I plan to use to customize this later. So far so good.
  2. I created two posts. One is a generic “Hello World” style post, and then this post, which I plan on using for note taking. This one will be much longer and also help test the use of longer pages.
  3. I then created a really basic about page so that I can test out making static pages as part of my theme.
  4. It was at this point that I created the Git repository, because I constantly forget when I first get started. I think I am going to have to write a big note for my desk about that. I get an idea, I start working on it, and it is pretty much until I reach a problem or I reach a point where I have to change the direction of my mental energies from creating that I remember to do it.
  5. After creating these pages, I started working on theme.
  6. I created a blank theme through Hugo, and tried to build it from scratch. I am having a bit of trouble figuring out a bit of how Hugo by default handles data in the templates.
  7. I am downloading the Bootstrap v4 Blog theme and going to try to look into how that works and go back to working on my own theme.

That is all for this update, the is to be continued in Part 2.