Building This Site Pt. 2

This is a continuation of my blog detailing how I’m learning to use Hugo. See my first steps in part one.

Today, I went through and removed the Bootstrap v4 Blog theme and reverted back to trying to build my own.

I got my Head and my Site Header into separate partials, I got my footer into one as well. Had to do some work figuring out how to access different variables in these partials, but I got help with debuggins through a post on Medium, titled Tips and tricks for building a theme in Hugo. This has helped me a lot figuring out how to build my partials and templates.

I got my main Index template functioning, and will include a picture below. There are no styles assigned yet, so its all just a list of text, but I have it functioning mostly. Right now, clicking on any of the links will load a 404 error, so I will have to figure out what is missing there. From what I gather, I have to build out the template for a single item, which shouldn’t be too hard, now that I have the basic Index template done.

That is all for now, so hopefully I will have more progress soon.

Picture of early version of

Finished HTML Layout

A very early version of the site, before any styling was applied.