Building This Site Pt. 3

Well, it has been a productive few days. I added this project to GitHub finally, and have made 23 commits since doing so. I ended up completely finishing the entire basic HTML layout of my site, all pages are working, and you can navigate freely at this point.

Today, I mainly set up all my basic files for my SASS workflow and started working on the base styles for my site. This included setting up my machine for the syntax highlighting included in Hugo.

Now that I have my Gulp pipeline, I hope that this site will be in a much more veiwable state very shortly. I would like to have this hosted soon, but I’ve been working mainly on more back end work, I had to remember how to set up my front end development environment. I will go into the tools I use more later.

I want to add a section to the site for Projects where I can go into detail about the different projects I have worked on, including what tools and techniques are being used. I have to admit, Hugo was a bit confusing at first, but now that I understand how it works, I am definitly starting to like.