My Experience Learning Hugo

So, this website has been built using [Hugo]. I have no experience with Go, I still consider myself new to writing in [Markdown], and I didn’t even really have anything specific I felt the need to share with this world. So why [Hugo]? Mainly, I heard it was fast. Currently, with the 7-ish pages currently within my site, [Hugo] generates the entire site in 19ms. That’s right, milliseconds. I never quite felt right using [Jekyll], but I feel this might be more of an issue of me just not finding the right workflow. But I did notice that it would take time to process even smaller sites in my brief time playing it.

However, the documentation and the guides seemed a bit… daunting. So I wanted to try to write out a basic guide of how I set up my site, which is currently viewable on [GitHub]. Feel free to look through the files, and follow the git history.