Server Refresh

Welcome to the new-ish website! Same site, hopefully new commitment to keeping it updated. Had to make some updates (updated to Font Awesome 5 for example) which required a bit of redoing of my custom templates. Also transitioned to a new Droplet to take advantage of Digital Ocean’s upgraded plans.

I’ve been wanting to learn and use Docker, and the upgraded storage capacity of these VPS’s seemed like a good time to learn.

Currently, I’m using a container running Traefik as a reverse proxy. This also lets me use [Let’s Encrypt] for valid SSL certificates, which is very good.

This site is still being built using Hugo, but is now being served by a custom Docker image. That image builds from a basic NGINX container to serve my files.

And I still have it all set up to use [git post-receive hooks] to build and deploy any changes.

So far enjoying the set up. Going to try to work over the next few days to better explain some of my software choices.